Vacuum Services

S and S Filter is a leading provider of vacuum and water blasting services to industrial, manufacturing and process facilities in the United States. We have provided services with our fleet of vacuum trucks to over 15 municipal water treatment plants in the states as far away as South Carolina, and have plans to add many more in the coming years. We have also provided services to successfully remove liquids, sludge, dry solids, and dense materials of various sizes from a variety of industrial and manufacturing settings. S and S filter’s trained operators and technicians attend site-specific training to maximize the quality and high safety standards our customers demand.

Our vacuum trucks range up to 6,200 com, with 27″ Hg blowers and tank capacities up to 12 cubic yards. Pneumatic off-load systems and pressurized tankers support the collection of materials to transport on-site, or off-site to approved landfills. S and S Filter’s cyclone separation unit controls the offloading of material into supersacks or drums. The cyclone unit pneumatically coneys and discharges the material being vacuumed. The waste is then taken for recycling or disposal by our qualified operators.